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We are seeking men of diverse backgrounds who are willing to share their time and talents. Your membership is sure to play a vital role in helping us accomplish our mission. Together we can make a difference.

Why did I become a member of the 200+ Men?


I joined the HR 200+ Men because I wanted to make positive contributions in my community; and when I became a member, I also became I mentor which provided me the opportunity to directly make those positive contributions in a young man's life. There is strength in numbers, and by aligning with other like-minded men the positive impact that the organization has had on myself and the community has been transformative." JOIN US



  • Affiliation with a highly respected men’s organization with strong community ties and influence in the Hampton Roads region.

  • Exclusive networking opportunities with influential men in politics, government, business, education and other walks of life

  • Mentoring and leadership skills development.

  • High impact community service opportunities.

  • The 200+ Men Inc. Hosted Symposiums and Forums

Not ready for a membership yet? Perhaps joining our list of passionate partners or sponsors would be a better option for you! We have a number of partnership opportunities that also play a vital role in helping us accomplish our mission. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our young men.

Why did I become a member of the 200+ Men?


From my perspective, membership in the Hampton Roads Committee of 200+Men, Inc., offers men of diverse backgrounds in the region with the opportunity to give back to the community by participating in educational, economic, and community service programs that strive to make life better for its citizens. While conversely, men who become members are afforded an occasion to grow from experiences and relationships developed from being around young and adult males with a common interest. JOIN US

Winston ODOM, Ed.D.


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Why did I become a member of the 200+ Men?


200+ Men is about the men and the mission! The quality and the commitment of the men are unmatched in 757 and the mission is essential. JOIN US

Greg Garrett

About us

The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men Inc. is an organization that transforms lives and communities. If you are looking to make a real difference, you have the power — by joining us, volunteering, and donating — to support our mission. Your contributions will make a real difference. It really does take a village.

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