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OUR history

The 200+ Men Inc. formally, the Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men Inc. is an aggregate of men in Hampton Roads Virginia who joined forces to develop and present coordinated approaches to addressing community issues and problems. Here's how our journey began:


The group organized in March 1997 as an ad hoc body primarily to plan and sponsor a community welcome reception for Dr. Marie McDemmond, then the incoming president of Norfolk State University. The group's name (Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men) represented the number of men ...who participated in the event's sponsorship.


The reception for Dr. McDemmond, NSU's first female president, was held June 22, 1997, and was attended by more than 700 individuals. Members of the group then decided to organize as a public, non-profit organization and to work for community betterment.


The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men Inc. made its public debut September 21, 1997, in a program at St. John's A.M.E. Church in Norfolk. Officials announced then that the organization would focus its attention and energy on education, economic development (now economic justice) and community betterment, a catchall category.

"Advocating for issues that help strengthen the community since 1997."

Since 1997, The 200+ Men Inc. has been engaged in a number of activities designed to inform/educate, honor and/or advocate for issues that help strengthen the community. The organization works singularly and in tandem with individuals, groups and governmental units on shared-goal efforts.



About us

The Hampton Roads Committee of 200+ Men Inc. is an organization that transforms lives and communities. If you are looking to make a real difference, you have the power — by joining us, volunteering, and donating — to support our mission. Your contributions will make a real difference. It really does take a village.

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